Who we are

Our first and successful project happened in 2008. This success ensured increase in number of employees, long-term contracts with clients and hundreds of successful and unique large-scale projects.
Online presence is significant step to take for your business development in the modern world of internet marketing. It will help you to win sales and improve your reputation among your clients and business partners.
If what mentioned above is exactly what you need, then IST.GrouP team is ready to help your business get to the next level. We can offer:

Websites development
Mobile applications development
Desktop applications development
SEO promotion and optimization

IST.GrouP specializes in development of up-and-running websites, their maintenance and promotion. Among other services, we can offer development of e-commerce website, configuration of analytics services and separate modules for e-commerce. Moreover, due to effective promotion methods, website optimization and contextual advertising we will help you to attract target audience and occupy TOP positions of search engines.
IST.GrouP is team of extremely professional developers who use modern technologies for development of functional solutions. Due to our extensive knowledge of business process we can guarantee that proposed and implemented solutions are going to be qualitative and effective.
Advantages of our partnership:

• IT-consulting based on specifics of your business domain
• Development, maintenance and full-service-promotion of the website with one contractor
• Clear model of the development process
• Hand-picked team for your project
• Client takes part in development process and controls it
• Transparent and fair pricing
• Maintenance after going live

Highly professional IT-development and help in your business growth is what youre going to get when you decide to be our partner.