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     Our goal is to make client’s product to be cost-effective based on individual and balanced budget in accordance to client’s requirements to it. Key factor influences pricing is complexity of application: for instance, we need to consider amount of work which may vary from basic functionality to systems of CMS level: for different device types, number of screens and their orientation, control elements, security, etc. In other words, the more complex functionality you need, the more investments and time it takes.
Long-term relationships is defining indicator for quality of our work. Regular customers with 10 year experience of relationships with our company are sure they’ve got responsible and reliable partner with fair and transparent pricing.

There are 2 steps in our project budget evaluation process:
• Preliminary evaluation gives you perspective on investment volume you’re going to need based on analysis of work to be done.
• Final evaluation is presented to the client before documents execution. In case client is agree with the evaluation, documents with technical specifications, defined deadlines and further project maintenance services are going to be executed.

It should be born in mind that technical specifications for one-of-a-kind projects can be changed during development process in case brand new functionality should be implemented. This leads to budget revision what is going to be discussed with client and clarified in addendum to the initial agreement. Hourly payment (minimum 80 hours) is possible option for cooperation.

To make your brand new or existing project successful and leave competitors behind, we pay special attention to application’s technical implementation in conjunction with excellent UI for excellent UX.


  • $50/hour


  • $60/hour


  • $80/hour

Web Design

  • $40/hour

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