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How to Use a Lead Magnet in Your Marketing Strategy

The number of customers you have determines the success of your business, socially in a highly-competitive industry like e-commerce. A lead magnet is one of the best tools you can use to attract more clients and build up your email marketing list. It’s both simple and very efficient, which means every shop out there should be using it.

What Is a Lead Magnet and Why Do You Need It?

Simply put, a lead magnet is an offer that will provide the customer with some reward for completing a specific action. In the majority of cases, you offer customers a perk (your lead magnet) in exchange for their contact information. The most common perks used by e-commerce shops are discounts and special offers exchanged for an email or a phone number.

After completing the terms, the website visitor turns into a lead and you can add them to your marketing database. Be sure to send offers with the products the customer might be interested in soon after they subscribe to increase your chances of making a sale.

Lead magnet

Types of Lead Magnets

Usually, lead magnets are pop-up windows featuring a text message and an image. The message must be short and to the point. It must also contain fields for the visitors to fill in their names and contact information.

Note that it’s the content of your message that affects its efficiency the most. To come up with the best lead magnet for your business you should consider the most popular types of this particular marketing tool:

  • New limited special offer
  • Closed sale
  • Discount for products the visitor is interested in
  • First-time-buyer discount
  • Bonuses for future purchases
  • Free shipping coupon
  • Gift
  • Invitation to join the store’s VIP club

These are but a few of the many lead magnet types you can use to motivate customers to share their emails. Be creative and consider your resources when deciding on these offers.

How to Create a Lead Magnet: Inspirational Ideas

One of the biggest advantages of lead magnets is how easy they are to make. You can come up with a great offer within minutes if you go about it right.

To create an effective lead magnet you should consider:

Your Target Audience

Who are the people you want to turn into your customers? How old are they? What do they do? What are they interested in?

Find answers for all these questions and define your target audience as accurately as you can. Then, think about what these specific people want and like so you can make a lead magnet offer they won’t be able to pass by.


Message Headline

The headline of your offer is most important because it has a tremendous impact on the lead magnet’s success. The best headline grabs attention and makes a lasting impression. Search for tips on how to create marketing headlines that sell to draw inspiration from.

But remember a few basic rules:

  • Never use clichés
  • Use popular slogans (“Your gift is waiting!”)
  • Make it to-the-point (add numbers as they elicit more trust from the readers, like “10% off for any product using this code”)

Long-Term Perspective

Use lead magnets to not only make one sale but to turn your subscribers into loyal customers. To achieve this, offer benefits that will motivate people to stick around. For example, “2% off all makeup for a year. Offer for new customers only” or “activate your personal 5% discount today and it will remain active forever!”


Top 10 Lead Magnet Examples

  1. Subscribe and get free shipping!
  2. Leave your email and get 15% off.
  3. $100 for your shopping – Subscribers Only Offer!
  4. Subscribe and get How to Renovate Your Home for Cheap guide for free.
  5. Limited Offer! 14 days – 30% off for all swimwear! Subscribe to get your discount.
  6. Click Here and get access to an exclusive clothing mega sale.
  7. Want to pay less than the average buyer? Subscribe and become a member of our club.
  8. Fill out the form and get a beautiful gift for your Birthday!
  9. Get your personal Christmas gift! Subscribers Only 20% OFF for all Christmas products.
  10. Save money by subscribing to our newsletter to receive bonuses and discounts.

In Conclusion

Generating a good list of leads is very hard today, especially if you are just starting a new business. However, lead magnets can help you not only speed up this process and achieve impressive results, but also bring up your conversions.

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